In this free eLearning course you will review security requirements and learn how to secure the virtualized datacenter environment as well as explain cloud security features and concepts.

•  In the first module, Security in a Virtualized Data Center, we will describe security principles and identify unique security considerations in virtualized data center environments.
•  In the Platform Hardening module we will describe VMware vSphere® security and present some vSphere hardening examples.
•  In the Security Compliance and Governance module we will describe compliance, common standards, common compliance controls, VMware compliance example with PCI, and examine VMware compliance solutions.
•  In the Security Use Cases in Virtualized Data Centers module we will explain how to protect business-critical applications in virtualized environments and how to secure VMware View virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.
•  In the Private Cloud Security module we will define cloud computing, examine private cloud architecture, and examine security considerations in private clouds.
•  In the last module, the Ecosystem Enablement and APIs, we will describe the vCloud Ecosystem Framework, introduce the relevant APIs, along with the VMware Ready program that Technology Alliance Partners use to access the APIs. Finally, we will show some examples of partner integrations.

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