A friend was having issues setting up iSCSI on Windows 2003 with a NetApp storage array. I know what you are thinking…, “Dude, 32 bit Windows 2003 is totally obsolete! Why would you still be running an OS with a Mainstream Support End Date of 2010?”

Well, this is what they have at the moment so I created a VM to create this HOWTO and figured I would post it in hopes of helping others.

This HOWTO covers installing the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator v2.08 on Windows 2003, Microsoft patches specific to the Windows Storport and storage subsystem, NetApp DSM 4.0 and NetApp SnaDrive for Windows 6.4.2 (v6.5 is not supported on Windows 2003). It does not cover the process of enabling Mutual CHAP but I guess I can add that at a later date. Although CHAP is weak from a security standpoint, its better than nothing I guess.

The HOWTO is here: iSCSI on Windows with NetApp