Update: 23 DEC 2013 – a new version was released. Click here for the new post.

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This is the URL for ONTAP Powershell Toolkit page. Click Download on the left in the Spaces panel.


Version 2.4 release notes:
Major features

Virtual disk space reclamation
A new cmdlet, Invoke-NaVirtualDiskSpaceReclaim, can reclaim space from a virtual disk (VHD and VHDX format, NTFS file system).  With Windows Server 2012, it is possible to perform space reclamation on a running virtual machine by taking a Hyper-V snapshot of the running virtual machine, running Invoke-NaVirtualDiskSpaceReclaim, and then removing the Hyper-V snapshot.

VMDK to VHD/VHDX IDE driver injection

Toolkit 2.4 introduces the Win2K3ScsiToIde switch to ConvertTo-NaVhd and ConvertTo-NaVhdx.  When present, the Toolkit will automatically install and configure IDE drivers on a Windows Server 2003 virtual disk.

Data ONTAP 8.2 API support

Data ONTAP 8.2 includes a great number of new and updated APIs.  Toolkit 2.4 includes 133 new cmdlets covering most of these new APIs.  Toolkit 2.4 also updates over 60 cmdlets to include new parameters available in Data ONTAP 8.2.

New cmdlets, not including the Data ONTAP 8.2 API set:


The following 7-Mode categories contain new cmdlets:

aggr (1 cmdlet)
feature (1 cmdlet)
volume (2 cmdlets)

The following clustered ONTAP categories contain new cmdlets:

aggr (8 cmdlets)
cifs (31 cmdlets)
cluster (2 cmdlets)
feature (1 cmdlet)
fpolicy (22 cmdlets)
group mapping (5 cmdlets)
license (3 cmdlets)
lun (3 cmdlets)
net (6 cmdlets)
qos (10 cmdlets)
qtree (1 cmdlet)
snapmirror (7 cmdlets)
snapmirror policy (7 cmdlets)
snapshot (4 cmdlets)
system (1 cmdlet)
volume (5 cmdlets)
vserver (1 cmdlet)
vserver peer (7 cmdlets)
vserver peer transition (4 cmdlets)


Many of the host-side cmdlets use the ‘Na’ prefix even when they are able to operate on either a 7-Mode or clustered ONTAP controller.  In order to prevent confusion, all of these cmdlets have been aliased with the ‘Nc’ prefix.
Toolkit 2.4 supports Update-Help.  Use Add-NaHelpInfoUri to enable functionality.


Get-NaCommand and Get-NcCommand were case-sensitive.
Get-NaCifsShare would not fill out IsAccessBasedEnum value.
Invoke-NaHostVolumeSpaceReclaim would emit “Target volume is not hosted by Data ONTAP.” error on Windows Server 2003.