These are major new versions with much needed support for cDOT 8.2, Powershell and SMB 3.

SnapDrive 7.0 for Windows

SnapDrive 7.0 for Windows is a major release, adding support for the following features:
1) Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2
2) Sub-LUN cloning in restore operations
3) PowerShell cmdlet support in SMB 3.0 enviornments
4) Volume and share provisioning template in SMB 3.0 environments
5) Virtual Fibre Channel
6) Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) on Windows Server 2012

SnapManager 7.0 for Microsoft SQL Server

SnapManager 7.0 for Microsoft SQL Server includes several new features:
1) Support for clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.
2) Support for databases running on clustered Data ONTAP SMB 3.0 shares.
Note: Specify SMB shares with or without a closing backslash: \\ServerName\ShareName or \\ServerName\ShareName\
3) Support for archiving backups to SnapVault secondary volumes running on clustered Data ONTAP.
5) The option to restore databases to a different location on the same Microsoft SQL Server instance.
6) Performance improvements when restoring databases from a LUN that stores multiple databases.
7) The Backup report now includes the cmdlet syntax for database backups initiated from the Backup wizard or Backup and Verify option.
8) Support for running SnapManager from a group Managed Service Account.

Read these URLs to see why you should be interested in SMB 3.0.