This is a list of commands that will display many details of your fiber channel HBA and FC configuration in Solaris. Note that two commands have “grep qlc or emlx.” Depending on whether you have Qlogic (qlc) or Emulex (emlx) cards, you will grep for that variable. If you have other commands you would like to share, post a comment and I’ll add it.

> fcinfo hba-port

> luxadm -e port

> luxadm -e dump_map <insert the full device path from the above command>

> prtdiag -v | grep qlc or emlx

> prtpicl -v | grep qlc or emlx

> prtconf -vp | grep port-wwn

> cfgadm -al -o show_FCP_dev

> luxadm probe

> luxadm display <insert a WWN number from the above command>