7-Mode Transition Tool v1.3
7-Mode Transition Tool 1.3 includes the following new features and enhancements:

1) Managing concurrent SnapMirror transfers: The 7-Mode Transition Tool supports creating data copy schedules by specifying the number of concurrent SnapMirror transfers and throttle limit, for allowing better control of the transition data copy process.
2) Testing the transitioned volumes in clustered Data ONTAP before performing the cutover operation. The 7-Mode Transition Tool provides a new precutover phase that provides the ability to test the transitioned volumes, and provide a more predictable cutover duration by providing the following capabilities: Transfer configurations before disconnecting clients, Enable option for test cutover, Precutover in test mode (read/write mode) for testing configurations in clustered Data ONTAP before cutover, Precutover in read-only mode, Initiate on-demand SnapMirror updates.
3) Transitioning Kerberos configuration: The 7-Mode Transition Tool supports transitioning of Kerberos configuration from the web interface.
4) Removing volumes from subproject at any stage during the transition: The 7-Mode Transition Tool provides the ability to exclude a volume from a subproject at any stage during the transition.
5) Excluding CIFS local users and groups, UNIX users and groups, or netgroup configurations from transition: Note: This capability is available only from the CLI.
6) Support for 160 volumes or SnapMirror relationships per subproject: Across subprojects, the 7-Mode Transition Tool supports transition of a maximum of 240 volumes (standalone volumes or volume SnapMirror relationships). Note: This limit is applicable only to the web interface, there are no limits for CLI.
7) Support for transition to clustered Data ONTAP 8.2, 8.2.1, or 8.2.2: For the list of Data ONTAP 7-Mode versions supported for transition by the 7-Mode Transition Tool, see the NetApp Interoperability Matrix.
8) CLI wizard is deprecated



SnapDrive For Windows v7.0.3
SnapDrive 7.0.3 for Windows is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes.



SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server v7.1
SnapManager 7.1 for Microsoft SQL Server includes several new features and bug fixes. The new features include the following:

a) Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014
b) Unrestricted database layout for LUNs and VMDKs
c) Recent Snapshot copies for each management group