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ConfigAdvisor v3.4
Config Advisor is a configuration validation and health check tool for NetApp systems. It can be deployed at both secure sites and non-secure sites for data collection and analysis. Config Advisor can be used to check a NetApp system or FlexPod for the correctness of hardware installation and conformance to NetApp recommended settings. It collects data and runs a series of commands on the hardware, then checks for cabling, configuration, availability and best practice issues.

Data ONTAP Powershell ToolKit v3.0.1
The Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit is a PowerShell module containing over 1300 cmdlets enabling the storage administration of NetApp controllers via ZAPI.  Full cmdlet sets are available for both 7-mode and clustered Data ONTAP.  The Toolkit also contains several cmdlets aimed at storage administration on the Windows host, including:  creating virtual disks, resizing virtual disks, reclaiming space in virtual disks, copying files, deleting files, reclaiming space on host volumes, and much more.

NetApp FAS/V-Series VASA Provider v1.0.1
NetApp FAS/V-Series VASA Provider for Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode is a software component that supports the VMware VASA (vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) framework, first introduced in vSphere 5. It acts as an information pipeline between NetApp storage systems and vCenter Server, enabling you to monitor relevant storage system status by collecting data such as the following:
1) Storage system topology
2) LUN and volume attributes
3) Events and alarms

NetApp NFS Plug-in v1.0.20 for VMware VAAI
The plug-in runs on the ESXi host and takes advantage of enhanced storage features offered by VMware vSphere. On the NetApp storage system, the NFS vStorage feature must be enabled for the ESXi host to take advantage of VMware VAAI. For details about enabling VMware vStorage over NFS, see the Data ONTAP 8.1 File Access and Protocols Management Guide For 7-Mode and the Clustered Data ONTAP File Access and Protocols Management Guide. The plug-in performs NFS-like remote procedure calls (RPCs) to the server, using the same credentials as that of an ESXi NFS client. This means that the plug-in requires no additional credentials and has the same access rights as the ESXi NFS client.

NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter 2.1 for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter for Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode is a storage vendor specific plug-in to VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager that enables interaction between Site Recovery Manager and the storage controller. The adapter interacts with the storage controller on behalf of Site Recovery Manager to discover storage arrays and their associated datastores and RDM devices, which are connected to vSphere. The adapter manages failover and test-failover of the virtual machines associated with these storage objects.

Linux Host Validator and Configurator v1.0
The Config Validator tool can be used to validate the Linux host settings in NetApp SAN environment and change/configure them if necessary. The tool validates the settings related to the storage stack such as DM-multipath, iSCSI settings, HBA parameters, etc. on hosts connected to NetApp storage controllers running 7-Mode Data ONTAP or Clustered Data ONTAP. Unfortunately its RedHat only at this time.

OnCommand System Manager v3.1RC1 for Mac OSX
System Manager is a graphical management interface that enables you to manage storage systems and storage objects (such as disks, volumes, and aggregates) from a web browser.

SnapManager for SharePoint v8.01
SnapManager for Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise-strength backup, recovery, and data management solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010. SnapManager 8.0 for Microsoft SharePoint includes the following highlighted new features:
1) Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 support
2) SnapVault integration using SnapManager 7.0 for SQL Server in clustered Data ONTAP
3) SnapManager for Microsoft SharePoint Manager role based access control (RBAC) support
4) SharePoint content database cloning
5) Complete backup and restore support for all SharePoint 2013 objects